Our History

The beginnings of Starleaf Gate are mainly secreted away in the scattered memories of a few of the existing members. As far as their memories can recall the early days of the shire are as follows. 

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October 13, 2019

It was a quiet night,  we  had Diane ,Jean, Monica, Jane, Don, Russ ,Rick, Pirate,Stacey,Dot, doing arts and sciences and   socialising.  Outside we had Darren, Todd and Kenchi  training.


HI I have spoken with the children’s activity organizer and she would be pleased to have you join them

Activities are Saturday Oct. 19 from 12-4 at Lakeside Park


October 9

Late SLG fight practice post.

Bjorn,Herman,Leo,Kenchi, Ulfric aka twinkletoes and Rorik.

We ended practice slightly early to enjoy beverages and cigars.

Good times was had. Thanks everyone for putting in some work even though most did not feel like it. Helmet time is good time.

I would like to challenge everyone to get garb. Dressing nice when we do demos is part of the appeal to many. IF you do not have medieval clothing, please message below with a time period and location, and even the look you are going for. YOU can also put a link of a picture that you like.

Lets see if we can get everyone to look awesome by the holiday feast fundraiser!!! Our group has many people that sew, we can help you to pull this off!!!

October 4, 2019

I would like to challenge everyone to get garb. Dressing nice when we do demos is part of the appeal to many. IF you do not have medieval clothing, please message below with a time period and location, and even the look you are going for. YOU can also put a link of a picture that you like.

Lets see if we can get everyone to look awesome by the holiday feast fundraiser!!! Our group has many people that sew, we can help you to pull this off!!!

October 1 2019

Ramblings of an old broken guy.

Sean Christopher. 

Sept 21

Wealdlake, a canton of barony of northwoods, is hosting a great event called the grand tour on October 26th. It’s a smaller sized event but has a fantastic atmosphere and great people. There is Heavy and Rapier opportunities for MiT’s to get some signatures and get a lot of one on one time with Marshals present and to hang out with other likeminded folks. Definitely a great opportunity and I had a blast last year. Assuming work schedule pans out I plan on going. If any of our MiT’s are looking to grab some signatures at this event please shoot me a PM and I’ll get you in touch with the right folks.

Shire Sunday September 29, 2019

Sitting off to the side of the room taking in all the evening had to offer, it was boisterous to say the least.
A wonderful selection of sweets to help celebrate Russ’s birthday. Music provided by the dynamic duo of Jorver and Ulfric and they’re collection of groupies  . We had the armored thumpings of Leo and Herman. It’s great to see my old friend Ulric stabbing again he and Caesare where doing some Rapier.

I had been worried a little of the general health of the Shire after the move and stuff of the past. But not after seeing this display of what I like to see in the SCA. So many helping hands and caring people Ragnar is smiling ,no doubt in my mind. Thank you everyone for keeping the Dream alive.


September 22, 2019
In attendance: Rick Lester (President), Diane Pepin (External VP), Russell Goddard (Internal VP), Cathy McKee (Treasurer), Stephanie Goodchild (standing in for secretary)
Absent: Monica Totten
Old Business:
New Business:
Internal VP Report – One book borrowed from library and recorded.
Treasurer Report – Bank balance over $1000
External VP Report – Last demo in Cottam well received and awaiting donation to the group.
– Migration festival demo on October 19th, but not yet confirmed with organizer.
– Need to pick a day for the Christmas through the Ages. Will post a poll to the group.
– Looking into purchasing mundane pop-up tents for smaller one-day demos.
– Movement : If pricing is agreeable to the board purchase approval? m/s Rick/ Russ, pass
President Report – Intent to speak with owner of Boonies drive in theatre, but due to owner’s personal situation there has been a delay. Suggestion is to have a night of “retro” medieval themed movies. It is possible to rent out the site but pricing is prohibitive. Once discussion has been completed then report will be made to the board.

Movement: Close meeting m/s Rick/Diane, pass
7:30 pm

Dùghlas Mór Mac Séamus 
18 September at 11:28

Greetings, friends in the Shire. I’m putting a call out for a bit of help this weekend. (Nothing strenuous!)

I’m performing in LaSalle as a part of their new Voyageur event, and I’m looking for a ride from LaSalle (Front Road Park) to downtown Windsor on Friday afternoon at about 3:30 – 4:00, and Saturday evening at about 8:30 – 9:00.

Gas and snacks, great displays of gratitude and recognition by a Bard at our next event  to the ones who can help!

Thank you!

17 September at 00:20
IF you would like to vote for the next BAron and Baroness /Baron of Roaring Wastes, Please go to this link. https://www.roaringwastes.org/transition.html?fbclid=IwAR39W0WdgBkDHflvgnRzQs8xVWtn8CtXm6PUFl2KkINmjvMCW6lAKCo-4uo#polls
(it works for us Canadiens)

The demo went really well today. Thank you so very much for all that attended and spoke to people. Thank you to the fighters and fencers. It was good to watch you and see the public enjoying it liken they did. Art and steph, thank you for bringing the wonderful pop up shade/rain protectors. They were very useful. Monica and Todd. Thank you for bringing the cookware and other stuff that you brought to show, and for speaking to the public. I think one family was interested in doing the things we do. It was worth it. See some of you guys tonight.

10 September

Help a girl out. Give me some suggestions for future blog posts I currently have 4 drafts in the works (Scotland, Wales, Family and India) but I’d really like to know what everyone else is interested in.


Sean Christopher
9 September
SLG practice:

Modest Practice we had, decent training occurred though.
Bjorn, Rowan, Leo, Rorik, Ulfric, Runa and Kathal(sp)

Bjorn, rorik and runa went over shot mechanics and throwing one well calibrated shot where we want it to go. Ignoring the offside “easy shots”.

Leo assisted with passerbys to train after doing a pass with Bjorn.

Rowan and Ulfric worked on footwork, shield placement and throwing the counter shot.

Thanks for coming everyone!

Stacey Soos-King
3 September
Hi all. Jean Pepin and I were out at the AMA meeting tonight. Archery will be starting up January 16th. We will have it the 3rd Thursday of each month from January to April. These dates are subject to change depending on how many shooters we have and how much help we get. I will make a post closer to the start of the season.

September 3 2019

So, the fair is upon us, this sunday the 15. We would like you to put on a fighting demonstration between 10:30 and 11:30 am. It doesn’t have to take that long but that’s the time frame we’re looking at.
The parade starts at 12 noon. It lines up at the Trinity Anglican church on County Road 34 and travels to Ridgeview park. If any of your members would be interested in participating that would be great. Feel free to enter any floats, displays and banners you have. We welcome everyone to be a part of it. Many participants walk the route as well.
Lastly we are very interested in the escape tent. Could you set that up and run that from 1:00 pm to 4?

Kristen L. Hales- Our schedule for sca
10 August at 17:41
Fall SCA Schedule – Randle and I are planning to attend Coronation, Crown Tournament & Grand Day of Tournaments. If anyone would like a ride to one of these, we will have seats available. <3 Looking forward to getting back into SCA events again!! With regards to Coronation, we will be leaving on Thursday and staying with a non-SCA friend for the weekend, so we’re happy to drop you off somewhere in Chicago and drive you home on Sunday, For Crown, we will probably leave on Friday after work and stay in a hotel overnight. If you want to coordinate, please contact me so that we can make a reservation. If we can get a ticket, we would like to do feast, so we won’t be leaving until after feast.

Sean Christopher- No heavy fighting tonight at shire.
11 August at 16:49
Wont be out tonight. If a marshal shows up heavy fighting shall commence. If not please enjoy other activities and community.Stacey Soos-King


Dale Nyhoff (Plastic for making armour)
8 August at 18:16
I am grabbing a few plastic barrels from work. If you are looking for a barrel, Lemme know. My work is giving them away.

Melanie Becigneul- Selling lots of things to get you started.
8 August at 21:32
I will have fabric, boys garb and bits & bobs for sale this Sunday.

Raven M. Ridley
5 August at 10:08
I’d just like to thank the Shire for it’s hospitality yesterday evening.
You were all very warm and welcoming to our new armoured fighters, as I knew you would be.
They had a good time, we had a good time – just what I expect from our Mid-realm neighbours.

Sean Christopher
5 August at 11:02
SLG practice.

Had a super productive night. Shocking turn out considering its Pennsic.

Heavy fighting we had: Bjorn, Rowan, Leo, Ulfric, Rorik, Dedric, Josh and James.

We had some visitors from Chatham region. Was Dedrics first time in armor and did very well. We worked on defence, solid footwork and throwing one shot when the shot open ups to work on discipline. Well done!

Rorik and Ulfric both did some mock authorizations facilitated by Rowan. All parties did well. Rorik and Ulfric have some tightening up to do and some minor tweaks but we are doing very well.

Leo helped with footwork and throwing shots with the new guys. He also worked on a new arm shot.

Rowan helped with everything and tried the MiT hat on to run mock auths.

Josh next week will hopefully have his first time in armor as he has passed the footwork class lol. Looking forward to it.

We also had a little appearance from Eral. Thanks for your tips.

As far as what I did I just hit people, conducted training and delegated tasks. Thank you guys for being a well oiled machine and keeping practices productive for all. Your hard work is appreciated.


Rick Lester shared an event.
25 July at 12:08
i won’t be at shire to open up as i’m possibly fighting off pneumonia, so Don Drake will be there instead…. have fun. and just a reminder https://www.facebook.com/events/319517568767214/ feel free to discuss amongst yourselves what you want to do during this demo

Nicole Jobin
23 July at 09:30
Hi folks.
We are going to have a very special class to make painted stained glass heraldic devices, preceded by a heraldry class on Sunday Aug 18.
There will be a cost for this class, somewhere around $15-20/ device.
More details will be forthcoming in an event page once we iron them out.
Please comment with how many devices you/your family will need as well as what base colour you will need for the device. Please comment ONLY if you plan on being there, as the materials will be purchased, and therefore you will owe for them.
Some colours are a bit more expensive to buy the glass, so there may be a difference in price for those with the more expensive colours, but from my understanding, it should be around $15-20/device.
Thank you.
Happy crafting!

Edit:. I just spoke with the teacher. I misunderstood part of this.
He is using a shield shape to teach stained glass. He proposes all clear glass that can be painted lightly with any craft paint. This will keep costs down to about $10 for a 10″x12″ shield. He could get coloured, but this would increase the price significantly.
Due to the nature of stained glass, there is a specific design to this piece. It will be made with 5 pieces of glass, with a diamond shape in the center, and 4 pieces around the edges. This will be a great introduction to stained glass, but will not necessarily work for your specific heraldry.
You can decorate it however you wish at a later time.
The class can accomodate 4-6 students and there will be 2 teachers. It will take 1.5-2 hours to make the glass shields.

Dustin Veres
22 July at 12:38
All of those who are not going pennsic this year on August 3rd my family is hosting a party on that weekend there will be fireworks and everything if anybody’s interested please let me know I’ll send you an invite

Diane Klingbile Pepin
Admin · 21 July at 20:25
Armouring is cancelled for the next 3 weeks.

Sean Christopher
15 July at 08:43
Slg practice.

Wasnt expecting the turn out we had but I was very pleased.

Heavy fighting: Sgt. Lebref, Bjorn, Rowan, Leo, Kenchi, Ulfrick aka twinkletoes, Kyle aka Rorik aka twinkletoes2.0.

Footwork and pell drills: Connor, Rolf, Leo and two new guys whose names I forgot. I apologize I’m horrible with names.

Fencing: Caelfind, Gavik, Christena and a gentleman whose name I also forgot I apologize.

Notes: I loved seeing everyone take time yesterday to work with newer people and to take initiative with tasks. Whether it was spot repairs on armor, working on certain shots etc. Practice was productive and busy I thank everyone for their help in that we are a well oiled machine when tasks need to be divided out.

A reminder for helmet testing to not happen unless we are armoring up for the first time and a Marshal is to check. Its light hearted and it feels like an initiation I get it and its funny to do but we need to keep that practice discontinued.

Kenchi returned to the heavy lists, we worked on stance, throwing shots and calibration. All seems well and very impressed by the retention after a long break. Let’s plan your goals and next event to authorize soon!

Ulfric is coming along. More patience and intelligent shots being thrown and no more shield bashing. Nice work!

Kyle’s first time in armor last night. Worked on stance and throwing the Jab and flat snap. Well done and keep showing up.

Everyone else well done. Practices will dwindle a tad due to pennsic up and coming but be sure to take the time to hone your prowess and kit.


Artie Martin
15 July at 08:35
The next regularly scheduled Youth Combat Practice will be this Sunday, July 21st, 2019.

This is one week EARLY because of the Pennsic War.

Norman J. Halmich Park,
3001 East 13 Mile Road,
Warren, MI 48092.
1:00pm – 5:00pm

This is the same day/time/location as the adult Armored Combat and Rapier practice. As always I will bring the loaner gear.

Master Kazmer

Sean Christopher
11 July
Overpass practice.

Thank you to everyone who made an appearance it truly is appreciated. Had lots of public interaction it made me proud to see so many put the chatelaine hat on and promote our art.

Heavy fighting we had: Sgt. Lebref, Doral, Bjorn, Leo, Rowan and Eaghra.

Fencing we had Caelfind, Gavik and My mom for some fencing drills.

If I missed anything sorry I just hit people and do paper work. Mostly get hit though.


Diane Klingbile Pepin SUCCESS!!!!!
· 9 July
I DID IT!!!!! I have all of the postal codes for WIndsor Essex County and Our borders on Ealdormere!!!!!!!

Sean Christopher
8 July
Slg fight practice.

Bjorn, Leo, Rowan and Ulfric aka twinkle toes.

Instructing: Lebref, Ingvarr and Connor. Thanks for assisting.

Bit of a slow turn out as of late hopefully we can pick this up a tad. If there are any barriers or concerns please reach out!

As well as always instruction is appreciated but let’s not let it inhibit productivity and the flow of practice.


Diane Pepin – WE HAVE A NEW EXCHEQUER!!!!!
July 10
THank you to Stephanie GOodchild for stepping up into this office.

Admin · 5 July
I have been informed that our exchequer Lady Alessandra della Torre wishes to relinquish her duties as exchequer. We need someone to take on the mantle of exchequer. Please let me know if you are interested in filling this role. I and the shire wish to thank Lady Alessandra della Torre for all her hard work and contributions in performing the role of exchequer.

Lord Gavik Kolasa

Rick Lester- FEAST!!!
24 June
just a reminder. this sunday is our first feast night since who knows when. please bring something to share as well as something to eat off of and with….. there are red cups available for those who don’t have their own drinking vessels. Christina Marchetti will also be selling Hot dogs 1.50. Pop chips water 1.00. Float 350. Brownie with ice cream 3.00. Adult it for a buck! (WHISKEY CARAMEL SAUCE ONLY THIS YEAR.) this is just a small fund raiser…. come out and socialize and relax and have fun

Diane Klingbile Pepin shared a link.
·JUNE 2019

3 questions .
1- has everyone logged onto the midrealm portal?( http://midrealm.org/ )
2- does anyone have difficulty?
3- Do you need help?? IF so, do you want me t help you?

Jean Pepin
 23 June
Starleaf Gate Sunday fight practice

Was a discouraging turnout but the viking bear and I honed our skills and worked with 5 possible recruits thank you Kenchi for helping us with the recruits.

Nathan Crocker
· 23 June
I would like to schedule a meeting to talk about Clancy Day. I am thinking Sunday July 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM
Thing s we need to talk about:
Site location
Who is going things. Bring your ideas and share them with the group, that way we can get you help doing those things.
If you need to purchase, build stuff you have to submit your proposal for approval. We may already have the stuff you need or come up with alternatives ways of resourcing your project.
Hear about any ideas or themes that we could do at Clancy Day!

I Look forward on hearing about your ideas, and starting the process of Hosting Clancy Day 2020
Lord Gavik Kolasa

Kav Richtig THROW IT,MAKE IT STICK (Diane says, I still want to have an event called that)
Moderator · 22 June
Finalllllyyyyyy! …Thrown Weapons is back this Sunday at Shire……..See you there.Please remember if you wish to Throw weapons on the range tonight, no open toe shoes or sandals will be allowed.Thank you..

Sean Christopher .
17 June 2019
Moving forward this will be implemented more. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to me or other friendly marshals. Necessary paperwork will be on hand. Quick tip, cell phone pics of your cards come in handy.


‎Paul Koontz‎ to Midrealm Marshals Page
Admin · 17 June
Marshals of all disciplines,

Per Society and KSEN Midrealm, all official meetings and practices are ” events”. Waivers, blue card check, participant sign in, and marshal oversight are required just as we do at Events!
For some of you, this may seem new, but it’s not. This is just an official statement of notification.
Group marshals should immediately begin participant sign ins, and waiver/bluecard checks. (Think how easy Domesday will be with an active roster of your participants.)
This goes for all official practices of Marshal and Martial activities , youth combat, thrown weapons, archery, combat, and equestrian.
Also, barring specific rules, or KEM prohibitions against such, authorizations are allowed at practices per your disciplines Handbook. Contact me directly with questions.

An official practice is listed in a newsletter, website, or social media group/page for your SCA group. Contact me directly for questions.

Thank you,
Ullr, KEM


Cameron Alan SHire Fencing Practice /tournament
16 June
I want to thank everyone who came out to support our fencers and celebrate the year we have had. I got see to a lot of progress tonight and I couldn’t be happier. I want thank Art Ringwood for helping me keep the tournament running and the fencers hydrated. Stephanie Goodchild and Nathan Crocker deserve thanks as always for making sure we are playing safely.And of course, Congratulations to Jean Pepin who did an excellent job becoming champion by mastering the core techniques and staying focused. I am excited to see all the photos that were taken of the tournament and I look forward to watching Starleaf Gate continue to grow as a fencing community. 11 Fencers signed up to participate. That is simply amazing.

Thank you all again for making tonight a success

Lord Fionghuine Ua Duibghall.

Nicole Jobin
18 April 2019
Hi folks,
For those who don’t know yet, I have taken over as MoAS. The next report is due at the end of May. Please help me to start my report by listing any and all A&S activities you have been involved in since March 1. This could be making stuff (including armour, period recipes, garb, site tokens etc). This could be educational (research, teaching a class, taking a class). This could be competition (small scale, event, regional, kingdom). This could be demoing a skill or setting out a display.
If you were involved in it and it is A&S related, I want the details. PLEASE INCLUDE SCA NAME so I get the spelling right, WHERE YOU DID IT (@ home, Shire meetings, armouring nights, a particular event). If you taught a class, where? What was it called? How many people took it?
Also, if you include names of others involved in an activity, that would be fantastic, just in case they don’t tell me themselves.
For example:
(Your SCA name) – worked on period style bound notebook site tokens for Clancy Day at armoring night with (person 2), (person 3), and (person 4).
(Your SCA name)- researched period leather work, created a stamped leather pouch at home, entered it into Regional A&S competition, won 1st place, entered it in Kingdom A&S, won 3rd place.
The above leather example gives me the info I need to make several entries on your behalf.
The more info I have, the better. Ideally, it should take me hours and hours to fill the report out. I spoke to my regional at Clancy Day, and she wants EVERYTHING that happens within our Shire or that our Shire members are involved in regardless of where it takes place. This means that even if you do an A&S activity in another kingdom, I need to list it.
Their philosophy is that they’d rather have too much information than miss anything.
So, please list ALL things A&S related that you have been up to. I can start filling in my report anytime 🙂
Other things like Marshall activities and service (helping at events other than teaching) are not part of my report.
THL Kiar of Auburn

PS. DON’T FORGET YOUR SCA NAME. You know it, and can easily type it. It would take hours and hours for me to try and find everyone’s names for the report. Thank you.

Diane Klingbile Pepin
 · 9 June
Let’s welcome our new members:
Emma D. Richardson,
Sarah Oszter,
Samantha Lillian,
Noah William Karb Welcome to our little group. We look forward to getting to know you and doing fun things together.

Dave Brandner
9 June

Congratulations to Bjorn for winning this year’s Shire Heavy Tournament.

Diane Klingbile Pepin- Yard Sale bucks

 8 June
Wonderful day. The group made 54.00 today. This money will be put to use in buying three lengths of pipe and a fitting for the forge.. It was a great day

Diane Klingbile Pepin- 
 7 June 2019
Rotary Club of Cottam is having it’s 57th Annual Fall Fair & Horse Festival on Sunday, September 15th

We will have a fighting demonstration between 10:30 and 11:30 am.

Several of us can be part of the parade which starts at 12 noon. It lines up at the Trinity Anglican church on County Road 34 and travels to Ridgeview park.

We will be having our escape tent. from 1:00 pm to 4

There will be our archeological dig to participate in as well as other fun games.

January 2019

Our shire is at a time where we are looking for a new gathering place. The location that we have been using for the last 15 years was sold and we are homeless.

IN the last several months we have done several demos.We sat down with the group and here are the list of things we have done since in 2018

Clancy day
Art in the park
Youth fair
Windsor campground
3 School demos
University recruitment
Migration festival
Fantastic fathers
School demo fun fair
Dorchester scouts demo Out of kingdom
Chatham Comickon
Elgin County Musium.
Chatham Monday Mayham every 1rst monday of the month
Armouring and A&S every Wednesday
Moose Lodge 2 and 4 Thursday
archery nights, April – Sept 1 Thursday of the month

IN November  2019 we will be doing a movie theater day, wearing garb and helping them with a fundraiser . There is a new robin hood movie coming out and they are looking for assistance. We always have a Christmas party, and do a toys for kids thing for the community. we are hoping for a great turnout again.

2004 February 14th Val Day Bear wins “The Sword of Pentamere” Alto Sixe!! Other members who were in attendance in the fencing list Gwiddion,Cinnie,Boleslaw,Pierre,Fish, Blaise.

2004 January  Starleaf Gate practice Blaise Von Bremen is named a member of ISSD. Alto Sixe!!!

2004 January 10th? Pentamere Open Ramiro Nunez won the reverse bear bit, others in attendance Bear,Fish,Cinnie,Boleslaw,Pierre,Ottar.

2003 August 14th Pennsic War Ramiro Nunez and Tristan Silvertoes fight in the Rapier Champions Tourney. Uilliam Fitzroy is named alternate for both sides. Other members in that attended War was Bear,Boo,Pierre,Fish.

2003 May 17th, Baron Wars 6 Yoshi wins the Bronze Ring Challenge tourney and is awarded a beautiful rapier. There is a strong presence of Inlanders for the day, Ottar, Ramiro, Bear, Boo, Cinnie, Boleslaw, Pierre (who did not fence due to injury) And a possible new member Lord David (mka Paul Smart) authorized in single who has been fencing with us for about 3 months. Ramiro received his Purple Fret and Boleslaw received his AoA. Hognuts to all.

2003 April 5th, Clancy Day, Ottar’s Cup IX. Winner is Blaise Von Bremen. Pierre authorizes single rapier. Bear receives his AoA.

01-19-2003 -Boleslaw Wielki Authorizes for pole-arm!!!! Boleslaw recieved his polearm authorization, two handed face thrust and spear authorizations01-10-2003 Bárekr becomes a member of House Ironwolf!!! The bear was voted into House Ironwolf and is now a proud member.01-10-2003 Boleslaw becomes a member of House Ironwolf!!! The hedgehog was voted into House Ironwolf and is now a proud member.01-19-2003 First annual heavy champion tourney held for shire!!! We had 8 fighters participate in a very good first showing. The format was a round robin with the top 2 scores going on to the finals where a best 2 of 3 was fought. Lord Ramiro wins the event against Lord Ragnar in three bouts.01-19-2003 Cinnie Hamilton is a Sticker!!! The midrealm’s might is increased due our lady Cinnie who authorized in Rapier at the Pentamere Open, she also recieved her rigid parry authorization

2002 March 23rd, Clancy Day– Vlad is the winner of Ottar’s Cup VIII.

Fish is a sticker now!!! Our very own “Fish” got her fencing authorization at Pennsic, she neglected to tell me which day tho…. welcome to Inland Seas School of Defence, Alto Sixe!!!!!!!!

08-16-2002 Ramiro Gets his red belt!!! Sir Osric Eisenwulf enlisted Ramiro into the ranks of his squires. Hubbah!

08-14-2002 Web site up and running!!! As just a rough draft and in need of more content the site is now viewable, (http://www.angelfire.com/on4/starleafgate/)

2001 Maximillian der Zauberer Wins his first Ottar;s Cup VII. Bear authorizes single rapier.

2000Clancy Day Mar 25 Gunthar von Drackenburg wins Ottar’s Cup VI

1999 Vlad Teppelus is the winner of Ottar’s Cup V

1998 Ottar’s Cup IV Blaise Von Bremen wins again.

1997 March 7th,Clancy Day,Blaise von Bremen wins Ottar’s Cup III for the first time.

1996 March 9th, Clancy Day, the second annual Ottar”s Cup was held. 29 fencers sighned up to take part. The winner was Edgar of Trinovantia.

1995 April 1st, Clancy Day first Ottar’s Cup held. Garth Brandon is the winner. Right around this time Stephanie Goodchild starts coming around.

1994 October 22nd, we hold ISSD’s first ever Rapier Workshop at the U of W . We need special permission from the EM and the Crown to hold the Event be cause there still are no rules in the MK.

1993 Clancy Day is held at the old curling club on Central Ave. First event for

1992? Gareth,Randle,Uilliam start fencing

1992 April 5th, The initial concept of ISSD is born by Ottar, Andreas, Duncan, on trip home from event Rapier Workshop II in Indiana .

1992 March, Clancy Day, Andreas and Ottar run a Rapier demo for the first time at the South Windsor Knights of Columbus Hall..

1991 Nov 23, Ottar authorized single and then rigid at the first Rapier Combat Workshop in Chicago.

1990 or 91? Winter-Andreas arranges fencing class with Eli Sakundu, U of W Fencing Coach.

1990– Lou and Melanie-Was our first War, Pennsic 18. We camped on Two-Chuk Hill.

1989/March-Lou and Melanie Becigneul went to their first Clancy Day Event. It was held at the Perophy Hall on Seminole. I was impressed with a fellow who’s name was Finn. He was of course Norse, early influence.

Starleaf Gate

In September of 1986, Kelly Recuda and Frank Butler decided to form a new group. To promote the new group, Kalock (Kelly Recuda) and Rory Armon (Frank Butler), on their own, staged the Gathering of the Clans in St Dennis Hall U of W. As a result of this event, which could only afford a green length of wool as the site token, the Maristons, Portia, Mave, JP, Ragnar and Caitlin, Judy and Peter joined. Rory was Seneschal, Rod Armstrong was elected herald but did not take part in the life of the shire for two years. Mave was the Minister of Arts while Albert of Windsor was Minister of Science. H. G. Smith was an early member, who is now a retired professor of the University of Windsor. He either wrote or edited books for Dover Publishing.

First Clancy Day

The first few Clancy Days ( possibly  the first one being  1980) were held at the University of Windsor as most of the members were students at the time and it was considered a university club. Due to union restrictions all food preparation had to be done by U of W staff leaving the shire people to take care of the other details. This arrangement worked well for several years until the shire was no longer considered a university club. The early favours were shamrock and dog cookies in sealed bags.

The shire moved to the former J.T. Wing Co. building at the corner of Dufferin and Pitt streets, where the present casino is located. There was room enough so that Ron and Dave could have a workshop that produced a trebuchet, ballista, Welsh coracle and Viking loom. They called themselves the “Highland Corp of Engineers”. Wednesday nights saw the fighters in Ragnar’s basement making armour.”

House of McGregor

The shire came into existence with a group of students attending the University of Windsor. About 1978 or 1979 the House McGregor was formed with Morgan of Lindisfarne, Debbie Carter ( now deceased), as the first seneschal, who also wrote the first kingdom book on needlework, and her husband Kwolf, John Carter, a fighter. The Minister of Arts and Science was Clancy Longstrider, their dog, an Irish setter, who signed his reports with a paw print. He received an Award of Paws ( Order of Precedence; AOP 1981 March 14th given to a dog in good humour AOP) , for never being late with a report. His memory has been immortalised in Starleaf Gate’s Clancy Day held annually in April. Other members were Kalock- Kelly Recuda, Killkoba- Rick Recuda, Kalum- Dave McCall, Randy McCall- Kalum, Frank Butler- Rory Armon. Kalum started the appropriate process to disband the house around 1985.