Households, Clans & War bands

There  are many  households,  warbands and clans  in  the society for Creative Anachronism.

A Household  clan or warband is a group of people who have decided to join together  as a family or cohesive unit.

There are many reasons  for  becoming  part of a household  clan or warband.  They  include things like mutual support and help, common goals and interests like fighting, teaching, being  a specific time period. Some households are fighting  households,  and  part of their focus is on  fighting at the various wars, (and winning)

Households often spend a lot of their time travelling, socialising or eating together,  similar to  a family.

Households form because a group of friends realise they have been doing things together for some time and think that it would be a good idea to formalise the relationship, or to have a sense of belonging within the larger group. (shire)

When you are thinking about joining a household you  should look at their group dynamic,  see what their politics,  go to their meetings and  talk to people who are no longer in their household. See if this group is the right fit for you. This  should take at least a year,  if you are being pressured into joining  a household then maybe  you  should step back and see why they are  so insistent.

Joining some households means that  you are a life time member, even if you join other  households. There are other households that require exclusivity to them alone.  It is  good to find this out before hand.

Households With Members  in the  Shire of Starleaf Gate.(in Alphabetical order)

Crystal Cat Clothiers

Dark Yard

Iron wolf


Nordan Raben


Twin Oaks