Fine Dining

Clancy Day Lunch Tavern & Feast

~Lunch tavern – Stacey Soos-King (emhs fundraiser)

vegetable lentil soup (gluten free, vegan)
assorted non alcoholic beverages
This year’s special dessert offering will be holiday themed!!!

Open with the gate. Closes for cooked food at 2 pm.

Drinks will be available all day until just before Feast starts.

Questions about our lunch tavern Please contact Stacey Soose King


~ Countess OL, OP  Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall

Questions about the feast?

Contact: ruta.muhlberger at or  by phone  226-246-9745
~Feast – 10.00  a person

Feast is for 40 people plus six comp for Head table.

On the tables: bread, butters, appetizers.
Soups – Roo Broth for the carnivors, Soppes D’Orry (onion soup) which is vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan.
Brie tarts (Vegetarian but have cheese)
Mushrooms with leeks (GF and vegan)
Green salad
Roast pig with side dishes that are vegan and GF
Erbolat – veg. and GF but has eggs so not vegan
Hodgepot of chicken

Fruit pies.

There will be  room available for  people to bring  their own food or have a pot luck.