Mess Hall

Lunch Tavern

Under Construction


The cost of feast is $12

The menu for this year’s Clancy Day feast will┬áconsist of the following delicacies:

The table will be set with…

  • Butter
  • Shield shaped bread
  • Eggs Dried fruits

to whet the palette of all budding warriors.

The first course will be made up of:

  • Chicken and rice soup
  • Bread

which is sure to provide the stamina for a siege.

Second course is composed of:

  • Pork tenderloin stuffed with figs, raisins and apples
  • Braised Red cabbage Dumplings
  • Mustard

hearty enough to endow even the meekest warrior with the strength to stop a cavalry charge.

To bring the meal to it’s grand close:

  • Apple tart

as satisfying as sitting triumphantly on a field of victory, enjoying well earned spoils.


If you have any dietary restrictions or specific needs, please contact our head chef:

  • Erik (Jason Jobin)
    • Message via facebook or
      • 519-992-7337 (text)