The Marshal of the Society is responsible for martial activities in the SCA, including armored combat in tournaments and wars, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, and equestrian activities

Knights Marshall :

Sean Christopher -Björn Kennrsson

Sean Christopher Bjorn Hardt Kennrsson
Born in a small bordering village in ostfold Norway early 900s.
Dad was Norg, mom was Swede ( they were both farmers.)
He was a rebellious child and seeked to raid with Harald Fairhair and did so as a teen. He continue to raid and travel to seek trade of services for gold and wares.
Heavy fighter, Group Knights marshal, rapier fighter. Enjoys drinking beer and mead. Amateur home brewer, father of 4. Looking to explore more about period brewing.

Archery :

 Art Ringwood – Logan MacArtuir

Jean  Pepin – Jean Lebref 

Kav Richtig


Stephanie Goodchild- Caelfind ingen Failtigerna

Nathan Crocker- Gavik


Jean Pepin- Jean LeBref

Thrown weapons:

Jean Pepin- Jean LeBref

 Art Ringwood – Logan Macartuir

Kav Richtig


Darren Wallace

Jean Pepin- Jean LeBref

Diane Pepin- Dianimh Ban