Clancy Day

Lord Clancy is on the move, and his army needs to train. This will be a day full of friendly combat, grand display and more fun then you thought could be packed into a day. There will be  Arts and Sciences ,  Heavy Fighting, Fencing, Throwing of weapons  (weather permitted) and SHOPPING!!!.

Details coming soon.

April 6, 2019

Please see the Site Location Information Page. for directions to the site.

Clancy Day will be at a  Legion.

Smoking is  allowed Away from the  building. There is a full bar,  Lunch Tavern (put on  by the  women of the Legion)  and  a Feast, also  put on by the  Hall.  ( to be  decided)


The site is wheelchair accessible.

Washrooms are on site.

Space for modest day camps are available.

Registration Fees:

Pre-registration for Clancy Day is $15.00 or $17.00 at the door.

All SCA members are privileged to a $5 discount. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Pre-registration for Clancy Day is available until March 25th 2019

*Those out of town,  please  email  and let us know if you are planning on attending.

Please make all cheques payable to the “Shire Of Starleaf Gate”.

For any additional registration and pre-registration questions, please contact the exchequer