Clancy Day

Clancy is getting restless, and his army needs to move. In preparation for upcoming battles, there will be a day of epic tournaments and displays of armour, and all things battle Related.

This year’s Clancy Day will be held on April 1st 2017, at College Boreal at:7515¬†Forest Glade Dr, Windsor, Ontario, Canada For more information see the Site Location Information Page.

Washrooms are on site.

Space for modest day camps are available.

Registration Fees:

Pre-registration for Clancy Day is $15.00 or $17.00 at the door. All SCA members are privileged to a $5 discount. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Pre-registration for Clancy Day is available until March 17th 2017

Please make all cheques payable to the “Shire Of Starleaf Gate”.

For any additional registration and pre-registration questions, please contact the exchequer